Common Grammar Errors Activity Bundle | Identifying Writing Errors Practice


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Common grammar errors can keep students from presenting their best writing. These grammar activities are the perfect way to connect grammar to writing and end common grammar and writing errors.

Writing problems addressed in this grammar bundle:

√ parallelism

√ subject-verb agreement

√ pronoun-antecedent agreement

√ adjective and adverb confusion

√ errors in verb moods

√ incomplete sentences

√ misplaced and dangling modifiers

√ often confused words

BONUS: Only in this grammar and writing errors bundle is an additional page of practice sentences to eliminate wordiness and redundancy in student writing.

You can click the above links to see more details about these activities for writing errors.

Activities in this grammar and writing error bundle:

√ Tests

√ Worksheets

√ Task cards

√ Presentations

√ Self-grading Google form

The activities in this grammar and writing mistakes bundle aim to target confusing grammar and writing errors so you can help students with practice that works!

Check out the images to see more details and pictures of these common writing and grammar errors activities.