English Language Arts Classroom

At the Language Arts Classroom Blog, I share what has worked and failed for me in the ELA (English language arts) classroom. 

Hello! My name is Lauralee, and in 2012, I began blogging about education. I shared teaching activities and ideas. Then, in 2018, I wrote The English Grammar Workbook.

Two years later, I retuned to school and earned an MA in English. Overall, teaching has been busy for me!

I’m glad you’ve landed on my blog. Check out popular posts (below) and read about common questions concerning ELA topics.

What is your philosophy concerning teaching resources?

I believe that a variety of teaching activities is necessary for different teachers and communities of learners. In my teaching library, I offer over two dozen free teaching resources. Included are lesson planning guides, easy teacher worksheets, and interactive classroom activities. Teaching English language arts requires help from other teachers, and I am proud (and excited!) to share my materials with teachers across the world.

Whenever possible, I provide editable teaching ideas. Due to licensing agreements, not all downloads will be editable.

Where can I find your English teaching materials?

You can explore varying ELA topics below by clicking on an image that may interest you. The content covered in ELA is diverse, and I’ve taught most of it to a wide range of students.

Between my TpT store and my newsletter,  I offer about fifty free classroom resources. My newsletter subscribers have access to dozens of free not found on TpT or anywhere else!

You can also purchase my first book, The English Grammar Workbook, available in most bookstores.

What about other tools for teaching?

The English language arts classroom will look different for every teacher. When I write blog posts, I consider (imperfectly!) my situation and my other teaching experiences. The classroom resources and ideas I share hopefully give you a starting point, encouragement, or a complete lesson.

I love writing, and I share the fun and trials of teaching language arts to others in my blog. Click below to find English teaching materials, explanation of teaching activities, help for new ELA teachers, and opinions about topics in education.

What about your ELA classroom?

I teach full-time in Illinois and write on the weekends and on long breaks.