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Do you need a misplaced & dangling modifiers bundle to help your students with writing? You might need to review for a standardized test with questions about misplaced and dangling modifiers.

I created this presentation and accompanying activities to help with misplaced modifiers and dangling modifiers.

This grammar bundle for misplaced and dangling modifiers contains PDFs and digital versions. You will receive Google links to the worksheets, presentation, task cards, note sheets, and answer keys.

These activities for misplaced and dangling modifiers include:

☆ A grammar presentation with 20 slides. The editable presentation covers the definitions of misplaced and dangling modifiers and provide examples. Students are prompted to manipulate sentences and then correct misplaced and dangling modifiers. (A Powerpoint and link to Google Slides are both included.)
☆ A note taking sheet for students as they watch the presentation.
☆ Two sets of task cards.
– 20 sentences that cover dangling modifiers.
– 20 sentences that cover misplaced modifiers.
☆ 6 worksheets, 50+ practice sentences total. The grammar worksheets are scaffolded. They include a pretest, a paragraph, and both misplaced and dangling modifiers together.
☆ Answer keys included. The powerpoint also includes speaker notes for the teacher. I use this bundle to help students understand the concepts of misplaced modifiers and dangling modifiers.

Specific misplaced and dangling modifier activities in this bundle:
This bundle contains several activities from my store as well as extra practice material. SOME of the files for misplaced and dangling modifiers:
√ Dangling Modifiers Task Cards
√ Misplaced Modifiers Task Cards
√ Misplaced & Dangling Modifiers Worksheets