Active & Passive Voice Worksheets | Verb Voice Worksheets


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These active and passive voice worksheets will help you teach voice in verbs in a straight-forward and scaffolded way. Through practice, students will learn to recognize active and passive voice in verbs.

You will receive a PDF version as well as a link to these worksheets in Google Drive.

These no-fuss active and passive voice worksheets scaffold to break down the concept of verb voice.

Included in these active and passive voice worksheets:
☆ 70+ sentences in 8 scaffolded worksheets.
– All sentences contain active or passive voice in verbs.
– The first directions ask students to find the subjects and verbs and then
identify the voice as active or passive.
– Later directions ask students to identify the voice in sentences and then to
change passive voice to active voice.
☆ Answer keys are included for all.

Active and passive voice in verbs help students in reading and writing! Plus, verb voice is commonly an eighth grade language standard.

These active and passive voice worksheets have clear explanations and concise examples,. The exercises found in these worksheets also give students plenty of practice, building their confidence as they learn the basics of this important grammar skill. Whether you are looking to supplement your student’s language arts curriculum or just want them to have a better grip on writing with an active or passive voice, these worksheets are up for the job!

We know that understanding grammar can be difficult, but these simple-to-follow worksheets make it easier than ever. If you use the Google Drive link, you can share these via Google Classroom or email with your students.