Pronoun Antecedent Errors Activities | Writing Errors with Pronouns


Help students correct pronoun-antecedent errors with this comprehensive grammar lesson. This lesson includes a pre-test, forty practice sentences, and a final test to help students master pronoun antecedents and improve their writing skills.

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Practice identifying pronoun antecedent errors and correcting pronoun and antecedent disagreement with targeted materials.

This grammar lesson includes a pre-test, forty practice sentences, and a final test over pronoun antecedents and correcting errors.

If you are connecting grammar to writing and correcting common grammar errors, these pronoun antecedent activities will improve student writing. You will receive a PDF as well as a link to download a digital copy to your Google Drive.

Pronoun antecedent activity overview:
This grammar activity asks students to identify pronouns and their antecedents in twenty sentences, and THEN to find pronoun antecedent disagreement and ambiguity for correction in twenty sentences. The pre-test will show you if students need to practice this skill, and the test will fairly assess their understanding.

In total 55 sentences for working on pronoun antecedent agreement are included.

Specifically included in this pronoun antecedent activity:

→ An introductory sheet for students to read definitions and examples.

→ A pretest.
→ 20 sentences for students to identify the pronoun and its antecedent(s).
→ 20 sentences for students to identify the pronoun, its antecedent, and the error. The error may be an ambiguous antecedent or an error in agreement. Students will then correct the error.

→ A final test.
→ Answer key.

I use this pronoun antecedent activity when I review subject verb agreement with my older students. High school students need review for their writing and before standardized testing.

This pronoun activity would also work for students who are only studying pronouns and are working on pronouns and their antecedents.

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