Adjective and Adverb Grammar and Writing Error Activities


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Adjectives and adverbs, grammar and writing errors, can hurt students’ writing. 

Adjectives and adverbs can confuse students, but they need to know the difference. I made these activities to clarify the differences in adjectives and adverbs: confusing modifiers.

Overview of this adjective and adverb activity:

√ You have an editable presentation for students to review and to provide direct instruction.

√ Students will practice identification of adjectives and adverbs.

√ Students will then practice choosing an adjective or adverb in tricky situations.

This grammar lesson is a perfect connection to student writing!

You will receive the standard PDF versions as well as digital downloads via Google Drive.

I made this for middle school English students. I know that modifiers are taught in younger grades; however, many of my older students need a review of adjectives and adverbs.

This adjective or adverb bundle specifically includes:

☆ A grammar presentation with over 30 slides. They cover definitions, examples, and practice sentences for students.

☆ A student note taking packet. The packet follows the power point and has lots of room for taking notes.

☆ Forty practice sentences in worksheet format for students, perfect for scaffolding! Specifically:

– 10 sentences for students to find the predicate adjectives.

– 10 sentences where students must write the correct form – either the adjective or adverb. (bad/badly, good/well)

– An adjective/ adverb worksheet: 5 sentences ask students to identify adjectives, 5 sentences ask students to identify adverbs.

☆ ALL of the material in a digital format.

Helping students understand adjectives and adverbs will make more difficult grammar lessons easier!