Sixth Grade Grammar Bundle: Pronouns, Parts of Speech, Parts of a Sentence


This sixth grade grammar bundle covers important aspects from pronouns to parts of speech to parts of a sentence. Set the foundation of grammar with this grammar bundle.

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The Sixth Grade Grammar Bundle is the perfect way to help meet sixth grade language standards with engaging grammar activities. With this bundle, you can give your students everything they need to excel in ELA for sixth grade.

Overview of the Sixth Grade Grammar Bundle:

√ You’ll find diverse and hands-on grammar lessons that will have your students feeling confident and excited about their English skills.

√ Each lesson includes detailed instructions for maximum understanding, allowing students to practice essential English language concepts.

√ Included are OVER 100 task cards for students to practice identifying types of pronouns and antecedents, to practice identifying and correcting common grammar mistakes, to find prepositions, and to refresh memories of the eight parts of speech.

You will receive 8 files that are listed above plus bonus materials. You can click on each product to see additional reviews and details:

Here are the specifics of this sixth grade grammar bundle:

→ Pronoun Antecedent Errors Worksheets and Tests

→ Personal & Compound Personal Pronouns Task Cards

→ Demonstrative, Relative, & Interrogative Pronouns Task Cards

→ Indefinite Pronouns Task Cards, Grammar Task Cards

→ Eight Parts of Speech Mini Unit: Task Cards, Worksheets, Pre, Post Tests Digital

→ Parts of a Sentence Worksheets: Subject, Verb, Direct Object, Digital & Print

→ Pronoun Worksheets | Grammar Worksheets Pronoun Practice

→ There, Their, They’re Confusing Words Activity Self-Grading Digital Grammar

Details about this sixth grade grammar bundle:

When I taught middle school English grammar, I struggled to find age-appropriate looking grammar activities. I created these middle school English grammar activities because understanding grammatical concepts takes time, and students responded well to their mature appearance.