Action and Linking Verbs Coloring Sheet Coloring Grammar Activity


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Studying action and linking verbs in your grammar lessons? Add this fun grammar activity that combines grammar and coloring to your verb activities.

Understanding the differences between action and linking verbs is necessary for working with sentence structure and parts of a sentence. This activity is intended to address the steps before more difficult tasks.

Included in this verb coloring sheet download:
• TWO coloring sheets (flower, abstract triangles), with parts numbered.
• 40 practice sentences with a verb underlined in each one. Students will need to identify each one as action or linking. These are divided into two sets of twenty sentences.
• A coloring key. Sentences 1-10 are assigned colors, and sentences 11-20 are assigned other colors.
• An answer key, and a picture of a finished sheet.

Be sure to check out the images of these verb coloring sheets for your action and linking verb lessons.

Diversify grammar lesson plans with this grammar coloring activity for action and linking verbs. Students will practice identifying different verbs (action and linking) while coloring.

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