Harlem Renaissance Poetry Activities | 35 Poems for Analysis


Harlem Renaissance poetry activities are engaging and beautiful, perfect to teach in a poetry unit, American literature course, or just-because! Since this poetry activity is editable, you can modify the sample literary analysis or questions.

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Looking for Harlem Renaissance poetry activities? Do you need go-to, student-choice, fun and diverse analytical literary analysis for older students? Bring Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, and other poets like Alice Dunbar-Nelson to your secondary English classes.

Harlem Renaissance poetry is a beautiful part of American literature studies. With this array of poems by Harlem Renaissance poets, you will be able to cover the topic efficiently and deeply.

Included in these activities for Harlem Renaissance poetry:

√ 35 poems

√ 13 poets

√ Analytical prompts for each poem.

√ Domain-specific vocabulary, definition included.


You can see a list of the poems, poets, and domain-specific vocabulary in images.


Specific layout of this Harlem Renaissance poetry activity:

First: Each poet has biographical information. The poet’s poems then follow the initial slide.

Second: Each poem has a poetic device and prompt used in conjunction. The question is aligned to the standard checked below.

Third: The speaker notes include a modeled literary analysis answer to the prompt. Feel free to share the sample with students!


All of the material is editable!


Uses for this Harlem Renaissance poetry activity:

√ Station work. Pull out authors and poems for different stations. Personalize to fit your class’ needs!

√ Bell ringers. Perfect for Black History Month or during a larger unit, use one poem per day to begin class.

√ Literary analysis modeling. Use the speaker notes to model literary analysis that includes domain-specific vocabulary.

√ Piece by piece. All the work is done for you with these poems! The presentation can be your notes and guidelines, and you can pull poems throughout the school year.


All the prep is done for you!


Goals for this Harlem Renaissance poetry activity:

When I made this presentation, my goal to meet a difficult standard coincided with a few others:

√ To showcase a variety of voices in my secondary English classroom.

√ To use domain-specific vocabulary in a low-pressure way.

√ To model analysis for students.


A few notes:


√ This presentation is in a Powerpoint presentation. I am happy to send you a different file if you cannot use that formatting.

√ Sample answers are included.


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