Mentor Sentences from The Hunger Games


Ready to read The Hunger Games and meet language standards? Look no further. With these analytical activities, your students will be studying literature in a new way. Completely editable, these activities work alongside any unit for The Hunger Games.

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Study The Hunger Games with mentor sentences which encourages students to study grammar and language from real literature so that they realize the connection. These mentor sentences from The Hunger Games are completely editable so you can personalize lessons for your community of leaders.

This mentor sentence unit contains over 200 pages of grammar activities, lesson ideas, and advanced thinking questions. Using each chapter from The Hunger Games, this grammar unit contains sentences for students to analyze and identify. Mentor sentences allow students to see grammatical concepts in context.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a beloved book, and these mentor sentences will enhance students’ understanding.


Grammar topics covered with these mentor sentences:

– eight parts of speech

– punctuation

– verbals

– sentence structure

– phrases

– clauses

Questions to prompt students past “recognition” of grammatical ideas to “creating” and “analyzing” the language that authors use are included. Such topics include “breaking grammar rules” (such as writing fragments), parallelism, writing style, and conjunction choice.

The entire unit is common core aligned and addresses the language section.


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