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Discover the magic of book spine poetry activities in your classroom! Engage students and have fun with our creative ideas for using classroom library books. Unlock their imagination and watch them create amazing poems using just the spines of their favorite books. Click to learn more and add excitement to your literature lessons today!

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Book spine poetry can be such a fun & creative activity, so use the variety in this book spine poetry to add engagement to your language arts classroom.


Book spine poetry is simple: Students stack books and create a poem from the spines. When I created this book spine poetry activity, I wanted to provide choice and options.


Included in this book spine poetry activity:

★ FIVE options for creating book spine poetry. You’ll receive a page for each of the following “types” of book spine poetry:

1. General guidelines for creating book spine poetry from an assortment of books.

2. “Tone” book spine. You will receive a list of “tones.” Students will then create a poem based on the tone.

3. Genre book spines. Students will create a poem that classifies as a specific genre.

4. “Topic” book spine. You will receive a list of topics for students to build a poem that relates to their topic.

5. “Colors” option. Students will build a poem that explains the emotions associated with a color.

★ A blank directions page. You add what you need!

★ A page with ideas for use.

★ Digital and paper options: Ask students to take a picture, or have them write and color their poem.


Benefits of book spine poetry:

√ The diversity and options in these book spine poetry activities will allow you to use them throughout the year and with different classes. You can also let students choose which method they will follow!

√ Get books into students’ hands! With book spine poetry, students are sorting through books and having fun.

√ Display the finished projects as classroom decor! Students love seeing their poems displayed.


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