Symbol Graphic Organizers for Literary Analysis | Symbolization Activities


Explore the power of symbol analysis in literature with these visually engaging and versatile graphic organizers. Choose from a selection of symbol graphic organizers that cater to varying classroom needs and help your students unlock the deeper meanings within any novel or short story.

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Teaching symbols with a novel or short story? These symbol graphic organizers will engage students and provide ample opportunities for symbol analysis.


When I teach symbols, I need different graphic organizers to get students working toward analysis. These symbolization activities will allow you to choose what organizer works best for your class and your piece of literature.


Included are 10 symbolization graphic organizers:

1. Clothing—connect to characterization

2. Music—expounding upon setting and character

3. Colors

4. Weather

5. Food

6. Nature

7. Possessions

8. Blooming symbol—use with any symbol

9. Animals

10. Unpack the symbol—dig deeper with any symbol!



Pig analysis! Many stories contain the character of a pig, and I wanted to analyze with students the effect of authors using pigs as characters—what do pigs symbolize?


You can see an image of most of these in the thumbnails, and the preview has a selection as well. You should be able to see pictures of each symbol graphic organizer.


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