Verbals Unit Lesson Bundle | Participles, Infinitives, Gerunds Activities Tools


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This verbals unit has over 100 pages and slides of versatile material to help your students master verbals and verbals phrases. This verbals unit includes varying activities and tools for teachers to choose what works best for individual classes and students while studying verbals.

All verbals —participles, infinitives, and gerunds— are covered in this verbals unit with hundreds of practice sentences presented in a variety of ways including grammar worksheets, verbal definitions, verbal examples, and fun teaching activities.

Specifically included in this comprehensive verbals unit:

→ Pretests: Assess where students are in understanding verbals with these fast pretests.

→ Powerpoint: Explains and provides examples of verbals. Covers punctuation, identity, and location of gerunds, participles, and infinitives. Completely editable, and verbal examples included!

→ Verbals worksheets: Provides extra help. 130 sentences included in these grammar worksheets.

→ Gerund and Participle focus: presentation, note sheets, and practice sentences for help to identify confusing verbals—gerunds and participles.

→ Grammar task cards: 40 task cards that practice gerunds, infinitives, and participles separately – and then together.

→ 1 flipping book: One large book (pictured in the thumbnails). It allows students to take notes or create lists—your choice.

→ Flash cards: All verbal components are on fun flash cards for easy group or individual group work.

→ Grammar sort: Students will sort sentences into the correct categories. Each sentence contains one type of verbal. 50 sentences included.

→ Nonfiction study: An original nonfiction writing is included. Students will identify verbal components in writing. A fun approach to a grammar worksheet!

→ Grammar stations: 60 practice sentences to get students moving.

→ Writing: Activate prior knowledge by showing students that they can write using verbals.

→ Exit tickets: Use to wrap up class.

→ Final test: This covers identification of verbals. This grammar test is editable.

Verbals (gerund, participle, and infinitive) and verbal phrases have many complex angles. You may not use all of these verbals activities with every class, but you should have enough materials to pull when needed for different learners while teaching verbals.

The thumbnails contain pictures of most of the products.

Answer keys are included for all verbals activities!