Grammar Skills Hands-On Activity | Sentence Building Grammar Manipulation Games


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The goal of this hands-on grammar is activity is to have physical grammar manipulations —pieces of grammar for students to organize, manipulate, and learn. This set of activities is differentiated and scaffolded much deeper than a grammar worksheet. Plus, it works well for kinesthetically learning sentence patterns.

If you are looking for grammar manipulations, these hands-on grammar pieces will bring FUN to grammar!

Contents of hands-on grammar for sentence combining:

These grammar pieces have three main components that you can combine with directions to add to most grammar lesson plans. The different items include:

1) punctuation pieces

2) sentence part pieces (independent clauses, dependent clauses, verbal phrases, prepositional phrases, appositives)

3) conjunction pieces

Hands-on grammar practice:

You will receive sets of words, phrases, and clauses in Powerpoints so that you may edit these as needed. Simply print and cut these pieces so students can arrange them to practice important skills:

✎ Punctuation with types of sentences, practice creating simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences.

✎ Placement of phrases and clauses for emphasis.

✎ Practice identifying and punctuating phrases and clauses.

✎ Practice sentence patterns kinesthetically.

Punctuation pieces (periods, commas, semicolons – as well as conjunctions – conjunctive adverbs, coordinating conjunctions, correlative conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions) are included.

Specific content of this hands-on grammar download:

In this hands-on grammar bundle, you will receive over 200 pieces of grammar manipulatives for hands-on sentence combining. Specifically:

✁ 40 subjects

✁ 40 verbs

✁ 36 independent clauses

✁ 24 verbal phrases

✁ 24 dependent clauses

✁ 72 prepositional phrases

✁ 32 appositives

Plus! Student directions and color codes are included (completely editable for each teacher to use the wording that best fits each class). I have started you off with eight sets of directions, but they are editable.

Download the preview to read detailed directions for using this. This is a versatile and non-worksheet approach to teaching grammar.

Possible uses for this non-worksheet approach to teaching grammar:

• extension activities

• center work

• grammar games

• sentence building

• punctuation practice

Please note that there is no answer key to allow for ultimate creation and fun.