Sentence Structure Activities Bundle | Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences


Sentence structure activities should connect grammar to writing in engaging ways. With these worksheets, hands-on sentence building pieces, task cards, presentations, and sorts, you’ll have a variety of tools to practice punctuation and use with simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences.

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Are you a middle school language arts teacher looking for exciting and engaging ways to teach sentence structure? Look no further than the sentence structure activities bundle! With this bundle, you’ll get an array of hands-on activities that will make teaching simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences fun and efficient.

From grammar sorts and presentations to task cards and worksheets, you’ll always have the resources available whenever your students need a refresher or introduction to the various types of sentences concerning sentence structure. So if teaching grammar has been weighing on your mind recently, take some of the burden off with our sentence structure activities bundle. With these tools in hand, your class will have no troubles recognizing and punctuating sentence structures.

Purposes for making this sentence structure bundle:

√ Students often struggle to identify types of sentences or basic sentence structures, but standards ask students to use simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences.

√ Many questions on standardized tests focus on punctuating different types of sentences.

√ Finally, students need to apply the basic principles of types of sentences to their writing.

These sentence structure activities bundle has additional downloads as free bonus material!


The SEVEN individual pieces are listed below.


Simple Sentences Stations & Powerpoint Subjects & Predicates

Provide a firm foundation for future sentence structure lessons by studying subjects and predicates. Included is a presentation, 12 stations with five sentences each—60 practice sentences.


Simple & Compound Sentences Grammar Sort – Sentence Structure Activity

Introduce compound sentences with a presentation and flipping book for students to track definitions, notes, and examples.

Then, practice identification of simple and compound sentences with a 40-sentence grammar sort. Use as much or as little as needed!


Sentence Structure Worksheets

Sentence Structure Task Cards

Continue with the presentation and implement both the sentence structure worksheets and sentence structure task cards.


Sentence Structure Manipulatives Build Sentences with Grammar Pieces

Once you move to compound-complex sentences, pull out the sentence structure manipulatives. Using hands-on grammar manipulatives allows you to practice ALL sentence structures and punctuation rules with students.


I have included (as bonus material), a test for sentence structure. Two culminating activities are also in this bundle:

Connect Grammar to Writing Sentence Structure

Provide students with guidelines concerning how harnessing the power of grammatical knowledge with sentence structure can improve their writing. This grammar to writing connection empowers young writers.

Interactive Sentence Structure Sort & Grammar Game

Set up a classroom race to sort all four types of sentences with this print or digital sentence structure sort.

Sentence Structure Activities Bundle Overview:

These seven activities and bonus materials included in this sentence structure bundle sets itself from other bundles in several ways:

→ Lesson Plan: A six-page editable lesson plan with ideas for teaching sentence structure is included.

→ Flexibility: A sentence structure test, graphic organizer, and interactive pieces (for teachers who use interactive notebooks) are included with the above materials to provide flexibility.

→ Periodic assessment: Every teacher assesses understanding in a variety of ways; therefore, this bundle has numerous checkpoints for you to use as pretests, exit tickets, or quick feedback.

→ Hands-on, diverse tools: This sentence structure bundle has direct instruction tools (worksheets and presentations) as well as task card, station work, hands-on sentence building, and sorts.

→ Creator: The creator of these sentence structure activities is the author of The English Grammar Workbook for Grades 6, 7, & 8. She is a published author for middle school English grammar.

This sentence structure activities bundle is diverse enough for direct instruction, review, assessment, and culminating activities.