Verb Moods Worksheets | English Verb Moods Worksheets


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Studying verb moods? These verb moods worksheets give students an opportunity to practice the identification of moods in verbs: interrogative, indicative, imperative, conditional, and subjunctive.

You will receive all of the verb mood worksheets in a PDF format as well as a link to add the digital versions to your Google Drive.

Six verb mood worksheets are included, specifically:
• 60 sentences for verb moods practice
• directions for students to identify the moods
• answer key

Additionally, I’ve included five questions to use as a pretest (for an additional five sentences). If you don’t want to use it as a grammar pretest, simply use it as a bonus worksheet.

Notes about these verb moods worksheets:
√ One grammar worksheet includes a list of definitions.
√ Another has verbs underlined.
√ For more of a challenge, the remaining sentences are simply identification.

These verb moods worksheets will work well for practice, station work, or review. They increasingly become more difficult.

Learn verb moods easily with the verb mood worksheets! These helpful worksheets offer students an easy way to practice identifying the five types of verb moods: interrogative, indicative, imperative, conditional, and subjunctive. With these comprehensive worksheets, students will have plenty of opportunities to hone their skills and increase their knowledge. Each page contains several examples of sentences with verbs in different moods that learners can analyze.