Ten Creative Writing Activities | Creative Nonfiction & Narrative Writing Activities


Get your students engaged with these 10 versatile creative writing activities! Whether they’re exploring fiction or nonfiction writing, these activities will unleash their creativity and develop their writing skills. Download the PDF now and spark their imaginations! 🖊️✨

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Looking for creative writing activities that you can use in multiple ways?

These creative writing activities will work for approximately grades 7-12. You will receive a PDF of TEN creative writing activities that you can use in a variety of ways.


The creative writing activities included:

Creative Nonfiction

1.How-to Paper

Students will share their experiences and build confidence as writers as they write a how-to paper beyond the typical “peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

2. Profile

Students will practice interviewing and research skills while learning about a person and writing a profile of that person.

3. Object Essay

Students will examine an object and write about that object as they explain the object to an audience unfamiliar with the object.

4. Query Letter

This assignment will work with any other activity as students will explain why the work should be published.


Fiction writing

5. Alternative Point of View

Students will adhere googly eyes to an inanimate object and tell the lesson that the object has learned.

6. Product Review

Students will find a goofy product, write reviews for it, and write questions and answers for the product.

7. Character Creation

Flesh out characters in a narrative, or use this sheet as a one or two day writing assignment for students to create a character.

8. Food Poetry

Students can write a poem about food, or you can randomly assign food for students to examine and then write about.

9. Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is short, but students must ensure that all components of a story are present. This activity is perfect for working on editing and revising because every word must count in flash fiction.

10. Children’s Book

The children’s book is incredibly flexible because you can determine the length and the requirements (pictures, format).


Add these creative writing activities to:

√ A creative writing course

√ A creative writing unit or course of study

√ Various times throughout the school year


The images contain pictures of activities and their graphic organizers. A rubric is included! You can use these ten creative writing activities across grades, and the graphic organizers and explanations make this a print-and-teach resource!


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