Editing and Revising Activities for Secondary Students Writing Station Activity


Take your writing stations to the next level with these interactive and dynamic editing and revising activities! Perfect for students looking to improve their writing skills, these activities go beyond a simple checklist. Engage with a peer and apply constructive feedback with this peer editing activity.

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These editing, proofreading, and revising activities go beyond a simple checklist. This peer editing activity requires students to engage with a peer and apply constructive feedback. These writing activities follow the six traits of writing and work perfectly in writing stations.

Included are teacher guidelines and applicable common core standards for both activities.

If you want students to take ownership of of their editing and revising activities, this format gives students the power to help themselves and their peers. The activities included:

Activity One, Samples:TWO paragraphs that need edits and revisions are included. Use these two paragraphs as to model expectations, to review terms, and to front-load information.

Activity Two, Peer Editing: Students have six worksheets that cover the six traits of writing: voice, sentence fluency, ideas, word choice, organization, and conventions. The writer and the editor pass the paper and the worksheet back and forth so that both are working to build a better paper as they follow questions and guidelines.

This has worked well in my classroom because it is an interactive and collaborative activity. The peer editing sheets are completely editable.

Activity Three, Writing Stations: Students will divide into groups and move around the room at different stations. Each station has a checklist for students to check their own work (but students may help each other as they are in groups). Students will focus on editing and revising certain areas at each station.

The writing station activity includes labeled tents to help organize. This works well because students get to move around the room while fixing different angles of their papers.

Use the peer edit or station activity at different stages with writing one paper or with different papers. I use these activities with high school students.