Narrative Writing Activities | Presentation, Note Sheets, Graphic Organizers


Narrative writing activities: Teach creative writing with confidence. This writing download includes an editable presentation, not sheets, and graphic organizers. Meet students where they are with these narrative writing activities.

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Download a variety of narrative writing activities! Students love writing narratives, and language arts standards dictate that students focus on certain elements.
I made these narrative writing activities to outline elements for narrative writing. This editable presentation covers basics such as tone, dialogue, description, and more. Use the note taking sheets and graphic organizers throughout your writing process!
Included in this narrative writing activities download:
→ 35 slide presentation that covers:
√ The content requirements of a narrative, such as setting, theme, plot structure, and characters.
√ The writing craft of a narrative such as tone, dialogue, precise language, pacing, description, sensory language, and figurative language.
→ Note sheets designed like graphic organizers. (See the final thumbnail and preview for more details.)
I have used these narrative writing activities as an introduction to narrative writing or a review when students need to focus with writing. The terms and devices covered in this download also help you and your students meet narrative writing standards.
Add these narrative writing activities to your middle school and high school writing lessons.