High School Writing Prompts Argumentative, Narrative, Informative


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Do you need an easy way to review writing standards with your eighth, ninth, and tenth grade language arts classes? Look no further than writing prompts for eighth, ninth, and tenth grades! This digital packet contains 33 individual writing prompts—11 narrative, 11 expository, and 11 argumentative—all designed to make excellent bell-ringers or review. Each prompt comes with a corresponding image to spark your students’ imaginations and provide a solid jumping off point for each prompt.

Plus, these prompts are designed to easily fit into the day-to-day flow of your language arts class without creating too much of an interruption.

These digital writing prompts make excellent bell-ringers or review for eighth, ninth, or tenth language arts classes. Eleven pictures and prompts are included to cover narrative, expository, and argumentative standards each—for 33 writing prompts total.

Use these writing prompts for:
√ Bell work.
√ Themed assignments for one day of the week—Writing Wednesday, for example.
√ Language arts substitute lessons—let students choose their prompts.
√ Summer school activities.

Details about these writing prompts:
√ I created these 33 writing prompts to meet standards in a short amount of time, but you can use them in a variety of ways.

√ When I needed to engage secondary writing students with writing, I added pictures and found success. So, I found fun images and added editable writing prompts. Each slide will address a narrative, expository, or argumentative topic.

√ I have included ideas for teaching as well as a simple rubric.

√ The prompts are editable, but the pictures are not.

These writing prompts are perfect for eighth, ninth, and tenth grade language arts classes.