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Diversify grammar lesson plans with these grammar coloring activities for older students. Students will practice identifying grammar concepts while matching codes to a variety of grammar coloring coded sheets. This grammar coloring bundle contains grammar activities for older students PLUS a free bonus coloring activity.

This bundle includes TEN products for a discounted price plus the bonus. Students will identify verbals, active and passive voice, types of pronouns, phrases, clauses, verb moods, and sentence structure — types of sentences. They will also practice semicolon use.

Included in this grammar coloring sheets bundle:
• TWO coloring sheets for each grammar skill with parts of the image numbered.
• 40 practice sentences with a word underlined in each one. (You CAN use these coloring sheets with just the sentences, as grammar worksheets.)

Students will need to identify the grammar component:
→ a gerund, participle, or infinitive.
→ active or passive voice in verbs.
→ simple or compound sentences.
→ simple, compound, or complex sentences.
→ simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex sentences.
→ an appositive, prepositional, infinitive, gerund, or participial phrase.
→ a phrase or a clause.
→indicative, imperative, interrogative, conditional, or subjunctive mood.
→ semicolon practice.

→ punctuation practice.

• A coloring key. Each grammar skill is assigned a color.

• An answer key for practice sentences, AND a picture of a finished sheet.


→ Semicolon practice only has one coloring sheet and 15 practice sentences.

→ Punctuation practice only has one coloring sheet and 20 practice sentences.

BONUS: With this grammar bundle, you will receive an extra coloring sheet plus twenty sentences to practice sentence structure—simple, compound, and complex sentences. You can see pictures of the grammar bonus below!

NOTE: Due to students looking up answers online, the pictures shown here do NOT accurately reflect the answer key. The proper coloring sheets are included.

POSSIBLE USES: If you need daily grammar practice, grammar games, or coloring pages, these coloring sheets will work in a variety of ways. If you want to turn the grammar coloring pages into a game, have students race, complete the most correct questions, or “switch and pass” around the room.