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Study commas and their uses with this comma coloring activity. Students will locate where a comma is needed in fifteen short paragraphs and color the matching section on a coloring sheet.

This comma activity does not cover commas and coordinate adjectives. That distinction is reflected in the standards checked.

Comma rules covered include commas with introductory elements, nonessential clauses, appositive phrase, independent clauses (with a FANBOY), and in a series.

This comma coloring activity includes:
• A coloring sheet with flowers. Sections are numbered. Students will color the correct portion of the paragraph that needs a comma according to the key.
• 15 short paragraphs that need a comma. Students will locate where the comma is needed and color that number according to the key. The paragraphs can be printed for each student, or printed and cut apart to use in centers.
• A poster printable with comma rules. Use this to start the lesson for review. Encourage students to consult it as they work!
• A picture of a finished sheet, and an answer key.

This comma activity is a fun alternative to the grammar worksheet!

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