Parts of a Sentence Bundle Pretest, Powerpoint, Scaffolded Practice, and More


Make parts of a sentence activities exciting with our comprehensive bundle of hands-on activities. From subjects, verbs, objects, and every term between, our resources have got you covered. Don’t miss out on this must-have unit for your classroom.

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This parts of a sentence bundle includes varying grammar activities and tools for teachers to choose what works best for individual classes and students.

Add these grammar worksheets, Powerpoint, manipulative pieces, and other activities to teach the parts of a sentence — subject, verb, direct object, indirect object, predicate noun, and predicate adjective.

Teaching the parts of a sentence requires diverse tools. When I created these activities, I wanted grammar lessons that move beyond a worksheet! If you like fun grammar too, read for more details.

Included in this parts of a sentence bundle:

√ Pretest (allows the teacher assess student’s knowledge of parts of a sentence)
√ Powerpoint (explains each part with sample sentences)—editable!
√ Worksheets (gives students scaffolded practice)
√ Flipping book (these fun books need colored!) for notes
√ Flash cards (have students write lists or definitions or samples)
√ Stations (60 sentences for practice)
√ Interactive manipulatives (students will “build” sentences with sentence pieces)
√ Graphic (walks students through action and linking verbs)
√ Final test (covers every aspect of parts of a sentence)
√ Self-Grading subject and verb quiz or exit ticket

You may not use all of these parts of a sentence activities with every class, but you should have enough materials to pull when needed for different learners.

This parts of a sentence bundle contains a variety of activities for your grammar learners.