High School Literature Activities | Literature Circles, Book Clubs, Independent Reading


Discover a wide range of high school literature activities that will captivate both reluctant readers and engaged learners. From interactive discussions to creative projects, these tools for book clubs and classroom activities will ensure all students are excited to dive into the world of literature.

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Teaching high school literature and meeting high school literature standards requires a diverse set of tools. Included in this literature bundle are activities specifically geared toward older students.

In this literature bundle, you’ll find activities that will work year after year and with a variety of students for literature circles, independent reading, whole class novels, and more. TEN different literature activities for high school are included.

Specifically included in this high school literature bundle:

ONE: Text Analysis Graphic Organizers: Character Analysis and Inferences

Focus on character and theme analysis and their complexity by honing on specific parts (like motivation) with these graphic organizers.

TWO: Literary Analysis Prompts: Digital & Print Literature Writing Prompts

Choose from 25 writing prompts that will work with any piece of literature. These questions specifically move students toward literary analysis. Assign certain questions or allow students to choose their questions.

THREE: Digital Literary Analysis Activity: Scaffolded Literary Analysis Activity

Build analysis with digital building blocks. As students begin to “build” their analysis, add more pieces to show connections between literary pieces of any story. This scaffolded literary analysis activity is the perfect starting point for a literary analysis essay or alternative to the literary analysis essay.

FOUR: Literature Cards Lit Circle – Book Club – Independent Reading Questions

Use these forty cards with any piece of literature! An editable teacher’s guide is included. You can use these questions for literature for exit tickets, small group writing, literary analysis essays, or conversation starters.

FIVE: Language in Literature – Lit Circles, Book Clubs, & Independent Reading

When I needed to meet language standards with older students, I turned to the literature they were reading. These activities will help you meet high school language standards by analyzing literature.

SIX: Dystopian Literary Analysis Dystopia Lit Circle, Book Study Activity

Teaching a dystopian text or dystopian literature circles? Add these diverse tools to any piece of dystopia.

SEVEN: Memoir Questions Lit Circle – Book Club – Independent Reading Questions

Whatever memoir you and your students read, you can add these questions to your study. Since the questions are completely editable, you can add them wherever and whenever you need them.

EIGHT: Postmodern Questions Lit Circle – Book Club – Independent Reading Questions

Add these forty questions (in card form and an editable version) to any postmodern literature lesson.

NINE: Coming of Age Questions Lit Circle – Book Club – Independent Reading Questions

Add this presentation, quiz, and twenty questions to any coming of age unit.

TEN: Literature Pretest | High School Literary Terms, Genres, and Poetic Devices

Use this editable and self-grading quiz over common literary terms and domain-specific terms to gauge where your students are in their understanding of foundational ideas for literature.

These literature activities will work all year with a variety of activities:

√ Book clubs

√ Literature circles

√ Independent reading

√ Whole-class novels

√ Short stories or excerpts

As a bonus, I have included ideas for running literature circles with high school students.

High school literature activities should engage all students, from reluctant readers to engaged learners. With the variety of material in these activities, you’ll be able to reach a variety of students in a variety of classes.

If you struggle with engagement with high school language arts classes, this download will benefit you.


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