Interactive Grammar Sorts & Grammar Activities Bundle Grammar Games


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A variety of grammar games and grammar sorts will allow you to practice common grammar lessons! These grammar sorts cover sentence structure, verb voice, verb mood, verbals, and phrases/ clauses.

Overall in this grammar games and grammar sorts bundle:

• This grammar bundle contains five grammar interactive grammar sorts from my store for a discounted price. Most teachers use the sorts as games, but you can also use them for stations, centers, or additions to anchor charts.

• You will receive links to download the activities for digital use. You will also receive PDFs.

Specifically Included in these Grammar Sorts:


√ 100 sentences for students to sort. Students will need to sort 20 pieces:

~ verbals: gerund, infinitive, or participle.

~ verb voice: active or passive voice.

~ verb moods: conditional, subjunctive, interrogative, imperative, and indicative moods.

~ words: phrase or clause (not complete sentences).

~ sentence structure: simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex sentences.

√ An answer sheet for each grammar sort. Students will adhere the answers to this.


√ You will receive five links with Google Slide activities. Students will sort the pieces (listed above) digitally.

Each digital activity includes 20 pieces for students to sort. The five links for Google Slides cover sentence structure, verb voice, verb mood, verbals, and phrases/ clauses.

Interactive Notebook Options:

If you use interactive notebooks, pieces for the notebooks are included.

√ Interactive notebook pieces on blocks. These are folding pieces. Pieces include: gerund, infinitive, participle; subjunctive mood, interrogative mood, indicative mood, conditional mood, imperative mood; active voice and passive voice; phrase and clauses; sentence structure (types of sentences): simple, compound, complex, and compound complex.

√ Folding pieces that allow students to sort the definitions of each grammatical term. (You can see ALL the interactive pieces in the thumbnails.)

√ If you do NOT use interactive notebooks in your classroom, you can discard these pages. They are NOT connected to the other portions.

The answer keys are included for all grammar sorts.