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This grammar coloring activity pack works well for fast-finishers, a review, or additional practice. Study a variety of grammatical concepts with these coloring sheets to enhance language learning.

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Use this grammar coloring activity pack to introduce your students to coloring alongside grammar instruction.

Wanting to switch up your grammar lesson plans, make grammar fun? Try grammar coloring sheets! This grammar activity is a starter pack for coloring sheets that incorporate grammar lessons. This grammar bundle will give you a ‘taste’ of how coloring sheets can work will older students and allow you to assess if your students like these activities.

This grammar coloring bundle includes FOUR products for a discounted price. Students will identify parts of speech, parts of a sentence, active and passive voice, and conjunctions/ adverbs/ adjectives.

Work these grammar coloring activities into middle school grammar lessons.

Specifically included in these grammar coloring activities:

→ Three coloring sheets (one per grammar skill) with sections of the sheet numbered.
→ 10 practice sentences with a word underlined in each one. Students will need to identify each one as:
★ a subject, verb, direct object, or indirect object.
★ a noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition,
conjunction, or interjection.
★ active or passive voice in verbs.
→ A fourth coloring sheet with conjunctions, adjectives, and adverbs on the sheet. Students will color each segment according to the key.
→ A coloring key. Each grammar skill is assigned a color.
→ An answer key and a picture of a finished sheet.

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