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Indefinite pronouns task cards are great teaching tools or tools for review. Add grammar task cards to station work or independent practice with pronouns.

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Indefinite pronouns task cards provide diverse practice for identifying these important pronouns. These 20 indefinite pronoun task cards cover singular, plural, and singular OR plural indefinite pronouns.

Overview of the indefinite pronoun task cards:

√ Each task card asks students to find indefinite pronouns in sentences.

√ You will receive the task cards in a PDF AND a link to a Google Drive download. You may print these or share them with students digitally.

Specifically included in the indefinite pronoun task cards:

→ 20 sentences that each contain an indefinite pronoun. Many of the sentences contain other pronouns as well. One sentence per task card.

→ Student answer sheet.

→ A label for you to sort your task cards.

→ Answer key.

→ A Google Slide presentation. The same sentences are in digital task cards. You can see the image on the fourth thumbnail. You will receive a link to download the presentation to your Drive.

Students may need practice identifying indefinite pronouns for several reasons. They may be first learning about indefinite pronouns or working to tell the difference between them and other types of pronouns. Sometimes students need a refresher when they focus on subject and verb agreement.

These task cards will help students when they need to spot an indefinite pronoun!

When will I use these indefinite pronouns task cards?

√ Standardized test prep! Tests often ask students to correct pronoun-antecedent errors, and this practice can be a scaffolded step.

√ Station work! Diversify your grammar practice with stations.

√ Independent practice. Do your students need targeted practice for certain areas? These cards are perfect for extra help.

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