Interactive Grammar Notebooks for Fifth and Sixth Grades: Parts of Speech


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This engaging interactive grammar notebook is intended for diverse use – multiple grade levels and abilities. It will specifically help meet fifth and sixth grade common core standards, but will be a good review for older students.

The pieces are interactive. Students will need to fold and glue; stapling for a quick fix will work too.

A quick overview of contents for this interactive grammar notebook:

~ The eight parts of speech fruit basket as a visual to guide students.

* Individual pieces for the parts of speech:

~Nouns (proper and common, person – place – thing pieces)

~ Pronouns (demonstrative, interrogative, relative and personal pronouns in two forms)

~ Adjectives (proper and common, questions adjectives answer)

~ Verbs (linking/ sometimes linking)

~ Adverbs (questions adverbs answer)

~ Conjunctions (correlative and coordinating)

~ Prepositions (singular/compound)

~ Interjections (singular/compound)

The parts of a sentence pieces:



Direct object

Indirect object

Predicate noun

Predicate adjective

If you need upper elementary or middle school grammar activities for parts of speech and parts of a sentence, this grammar interactive notebook set will add positively to your grammar activities.