High School Grammar Assessment | Digital Self Grading English Grammar Test


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The perfect high school grammar assessment!

Do you need to assess secondary English students regarding grammar, mechanics, and usage? This multiple choice grammar test includes 100 grammar questions. The pre-test includes 50 questions, and the post-test includes 50 questions–AND, both grammar tests are self-grading.

Use for the self-grading grammar test:

→ The high school grammar assessment includes standard concepts that high school students should know. Therefore, it covers middle school language standards.

→ You can use this grammar test with middle school students as well! Since the test is completely editable, you can decide how many questions to give at whatever part of the school year.

Included in this grammar quiz download:

You will receive access to THREE digital files. Most teachers use the self-grading option, but I wanted each teacher to have the formatting for every classroom! Included:

→ The material in a Google Doc. This grammar test is completely editable. You can copy and paste the material into other documents.

→ A self-grading grammar pre-test. The material is in a Google Quiz. You can simply share it with students and get immediate data.

→ A self-grading grammar post-test. Again, the material is in a Google Quiz, the perfect online grammar quiz.

Material covered in this grammar quiz:

★ Parts of speech

★ Parts of a sentence

★ Phrases (gerund, infinitive, participial, prepositional, appositive)

★ Dependent and independent clauses

★ Types of sentences or Sentence Structure (sentence structure for simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex)

★ Punctuation

★ Common writing errors (subject-verb agreement, pronoun problems)

An answer key is included, and this grammar test is completely editable.

This high school grammar assessment will provide teachers and parents with clear feedback concerning where students are in their understanding of common grammar concepts.