Grammar Bell Ringers ENTIRE School Year Grammar & Writing Grades 7-10


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This grammar bell ringer bundle includes over 400 task cards to use as bell ringers. The task cards, quiz, and presentation was made for middle school and high school.

This grammar bell ringer bundle covers common grammar and writing errors that are on standardized testing. Also included is an editable presentations with over 100 slides that details the most common grammar errors on the English portion of a standardized test.

Overview of this grammar bell ringers bundle:

★ You can use the self-grading grammar and writing errors quiz as a measuring tool for improvement.

★ The files are broken into months with varying designs.

★ With this bundle, you will receive each month plus two bonuses: a diagnostic set of task cards, and 20 additional task cards for review. The final review contains multiple errors in each sentence.

★ Each month contains 32 task cards (four per sheet), all of the sentences in a worksheet form, and student answer sheets. You can use either the task cards or the worksheet for a class. Another option is to use both—task cards as practice and the worksheet to review once the students complete the task cards.

★ The grammar task cards come in a standard PDF and a digital format—use them how you need!

★ December includes 36 task cards, and 16 additional task cards are included to use as review or as a diagnostic activity.

★ Use the presentation to cover troubled areas, to review slowly, or to fit your own needs!

The grammar task cards cover common grammar & writing mistakes:

• Incorrect punctuation choice: commas, quotes, apostrophes, ellipse, semicolons.

• Misplaced and dangling modifiers.

• Run-ons, incomplete thoughts, fragments, comma splices.

• Incorrect verb tense, parallelism.

• Problems with verb mood and capitalization.

• Subject – verb disagreement.

• Pronoun and antecedent agreement.

• And other common writing errors!

Directions prompt students to correct the errors. Student answer sheets are provided.

The preview contains three pages of the task cards so you can get a close look. I use these as bell ringers, but they of course will work in different circumstances. I do NOT show all of the presentation at once; instead, I provide mini-lessons when students struggle in certain areas.

Each month is in my store, but this bundle has extra task cards and the presentation at a discounted price. The thumbnails show a selection of the task cards you will receive with this bundle!