Animal Farm Ultimate Unit Bundle


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This Animal Farm Unit has everything needed to teach George Orwell’s fairy story. You will have activities, assessments, and presentations for weeks of reading and teaching this story.

Included are over 150 pages of activities, assessments, and explanations.

Specifically in this Animal Farm unit:

→ A pre-reading websearch (students will define ‘euphemism,’ types of government, etc.)

→ A propaganda Powerpoint and accompanying student note sheets. The first half of the power point covers 11 types of propaganda and defines them. The second half shows examples from the story for each type.

→ Each chapter includes:

~ A five question multiple choice quiz.

~ An outline of the chapter. Students can use these sheets for note taking while they read. They also work as review.

~ Task cards. These focus on difficult areas within the chapter. They may help students understand certain areas, or analyze meanings more.

~ An activity. The activities focus on a literary term (symbols, theme, characterization) or on understanding an important point from the chapter.

~ Vocabulary. This is the vocabulary and grammar portion. The sentences from the chapter are included. Sometimes, sentences that require analysis are included too.

→ A final test with multiple formats. It is an editable file.

→ BONUS! This Animal Farm unit contains five essay questions or extension activities—completely editable.

Answer sheets are included for all files with the exception of essays.

Notes about this Animal Farm unit:

✓ All of these activities are in my store separately if you would like to read more detailed descriptions of each! Click on each image above to see the individual products.

✓ I have taught this unit for years, and this file contains everything needed to cover Animal Farm. It reaches different levels of students and has enough materials to allow for differentiation.

✓ Download the preview! The preview contains the majority of chapter eight’s material. I want you to be sure this unit will work for you!