Animal Farm Activity Propaganda Activity with Editable Presentation


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This Animal Farm activity covers propaganda in several ways. Animal Farm by George Orwell is perfect time to teach propaganda techniques. Engage students by showing them the long-lasting consequences of laws, forms of government, and suppression with these activities.

Specifically Included in this Animal Farm activity:

✓ A 32-slide presentation that covers euphemism, name calling, glittering generality, deification, transfer, plain folks, bandwagon, stalling, least of evils, scapegoat, and fear.

• The first half of the presentation covers definitions.

• The second half covers examples of each type of propaganda in Animal
Farm. This format allows you to present information without “spoiling” the
story for students.

✓ A note-taking packet of for every type of propaganda for students to complete as they read.

You can use this Animal Farm activity throughout your teaching of the novella or as a review. Students will be able to identify propaganda activities, think critically about them, and apply them to their lives.

Ideas for use with this Animal Farm activity:

I typically teach the first half before reading the novel, have the students complete the note-taking packet while reading, and then review the final half of the presentation as review as we finish Animal Farm.

Finally. . .

This Animal Farm activity can be shared digitally too! Licensing permission allows for teachers to share the material in a variety of ways.