Animal Farm Multiple Choice Quizzes


Take your Animal Farm study to the next level with our comprehensive multiple choice quizzes. Each quiz covers a different chapter of George Orwell’s iconic novel, with five thought-provoking questions that test students’ understanding. With 50 questions in total, they’ll gain a deeper insight into the themes and plot of Animal Farm. Answer keys are included.

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Animal Farm multiple choice quizzes will add to your study in a variety of ways!

Animal Farm by George Orwell has ten chapters. This product has a multiple choice quiz for each chapter, five questions for each quiz for 50 questions total. Each question has three possible answers. Answer keys included.

These Animal Farm quizzes work well for:

√ review

√ exit tickets

√ a discussion starter

√ part of the final test

These are not analytical questions; rather, they are a fast way for teachers to evaluate student comprehension.

I rarely give grades with the quizzes for Animal Farm. I instead use them as discussion starters or quick exit tickets. Mostly, they provide feedback for me (as the teacher) to help students in their understanding of Animal Farm.

You should find a variety of uses for these quizzes for Animal Farm and as they are editable, you can use them across platforms.

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