Allusions on Television: Bulletin Boards for High School Students

Allusions on Television: Bulletin Boards for High School Students

 Making useful bulletin boards for high school students can be challenging.
A bulletin board I’ve used with success is my “literary terms bulletin board.” Schools often have newspapers/ magazines sitting around, and the comics often use allusions (a reference to a famous book, painting, event, etc.) and writers often use figurative language to illustrate their points. I will have students get extra credit for finding examples.

I’m going to add quotes from television shows and movies as examples for the board. That way, students can write a quote they heard on tv that’s an example of an allusion. I heard one the other night that I can add.

High school English bulletin board.

I’m a “Law and Order SVU” junkie. On a new episode three nights ago, “Manhattan Vigil,” Munch used an allusion to describe an odd man: He’s a real Boo Radley type.

I was excited when I heard it, and figured this media is another way to encourage my students to apply what I teach them to their every day lives.

Munch and Boo? What a fun combination.

One time I had a high school bulletin board with a huge crossword puzzle using vocabulary words. It was fun, but I my students wanted one for each chapter’s vocabulary. Blowing up the puzzle and laminating it (for multiple use) was costly, and since I was paying for it, I only did it once.

What tips do you have for making an effective bulletin board for high school students?

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