The Fault In Our Stars Multiple Choice Questions


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The Fault In Our Stars by John Green: Chapters 1-25, multiple choice quizzes or tests. These quizzes provide quick assessment and positively add to any The Fault In Our Stars lesson plans. I have left these completely editable in a Word Doc.

These quizzes are not creative or analytical. They are intended to provide students with quick feedback, and provide the teacher with an idea of student comprehension.

This file includes a quiz/ test for every chapter. Shorter chapters are combined, such as 15, 16, 17. These are comprehension quizzes, not analytical. I use these to review with students, to start discussion, or to clarify reading issues. I often start the class period with these for quick assessment so I can add to my lesson if necessary.

Each question has three options. Quizzes have ten or fifteen questions. Answer keys included.