Teaching Audience Analysis with Commercials


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Students must analyze their audiences before giving a speech or writing a paper. This presentation and subsequent activities will walk students through audience analysis by watching commercials.

Included in this audience analysis activity:

✓ Powerpoint: covers the definition and components of audiences; examines audiences; includes four (clean, school-appropriate) commercials links.
✓ Questions: includes analysis of each commercial through by looking at the target audience and the commercial’s effectiveness in doing so.
✓ Culminating questions (can be done alone or in groups): ask students to evaluate and judge commercials regarding their reach to their target audience.
✓ Two different activities to apply the knowledge of audience to their speaking and writing. The graphic organizer includes a sample for students to experience what audiences may or may not understand.
✓ A handout of the questions.

Suggestions for use, detailed answer keys, and speaker notes are included. This lesson plan for audience analysis works well for both speech and writing courses.

I have coached a speech team for four years as well as taught a public speaking class for seven years. I have used commercials to show students that speakers/ advertisers have target audiences, and therefore deliver effective presentations.