How To Speech Assignments Sample Speeches, Graphic Organizers, More


How-to-speech assignments are fun ways to meet speaking and listening standards while teaching the organizational structure of speeches. With two sample speeches and plenty of tools, you’ll have your students speaking confidently.

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Creating an engaging and fun speech assignment while balancing the need to teach speaking skills is tricky. This item provides materials for teaching two “how to” speeches. You will have a choice in what students present!

Included in this how-to speech lesson:

✓ Student instructions for a how-to speech for food.
✓ A sample outline of a “how-to” food speech.

✓ Student instructions for a how-to speech for non-food.
✓ A sample outline of a “how-to” non-food speech.

✓ An outline rubric.
✓ A speech rubric.
✓ A brainstorming sheet to get students started.

All sample speeches have an attention gainer, introduction, thesis statement, at least two main points, and a conclusion. They are sentence outlines, not topic outlines. They are not researched speeches.

These speech assignments will walk students through a standard “how to” speech.

This item will get you through two speeches, or about two weeks of class time (dependent on the size of the class). I primarily teach these with freshman and sophomores, but will work with grades close to that.