Public Speaking Unit Impromptu, How-To, Narrative, Informative, and More


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Teaching a speech unit or public speaking course can be complex because so many aspects go into making a successful speech lesson. This file has a variety of tools to engage students as they grow as public speakers.

It contains every public speaking activity in my store, plus many more speech activities. I also have a detailed (week by week) outline of how I run a public speaking class.

You can click on the individual activities. This bundle includes extra lesson plans and presentations to guide you through the lessons. Included:

Public Speaking Activities:

• Candy Fun

• Tone

• Nonverbal Communication

• Eliminate Fillers

• Goal Setting + Cards

• Impromptu Speaking (includes rubric and topics)

• Same Speech, Different Person (character roles included)

• Sing It!

• Love This: Household Items


• Narrative (two sample speeches included)

• Informative (two sample speeches included)

• How-To (two sample speeches included

• Persuasive (one sample speech included)

• Radio non-for-profit presentation


• In the beginning

• At the end

• Video viewing (after student speeches)


• Role of an audience member

• Elevating your rhetoric

• Providing emphasis

• When does my speech begin?

• Best practices for using a visual aid

• Where do I stand during my speech?

• How do I research a speech/
• Citing sources

• Outlining your speech


• Speech

• Outline

• Quick feedback (for rehearsals)


° A parent note in .doc format to provide ways to help their budding orators.

° Student note in .doc format, explaining their role as audience members.

° A final test in .doc format, editable for you!

° A “Common Comments” sheet that gives teachers go-to comments for when they are grading speeches.

• An editable presentation and teacher note sheet for every activity.

This bundle is divided by week, by how I teach these speech components. I also provide class time for practice, research, and writing. Feel free to move the activities to your own timeline!

Everything I used when I taught a public speaking course is included in this bundle; please read the above list of what this bundle contains to be sure it is right for you. I have provided a guideline for how I use the material, but you may want to switch around the activities.

I have coached a speech team for four years as well as taught a public speaking class for seven years. These are some of the public speaking lesson plans and materials I developed to engage students and provide them with meaningful feedback.

SOME of the public speaking activities included in this bundle (individually in my store):

√ Teaching Ethos, Pathos, and Logos With Commercials

√ Public Speaking Activity for Tone

√ Teaching Audience Analysis With Commercials

√ Prized Possession – Favorite Person Speech Assignments

√ How-To Speech Assignments

√ Write and Present a Radio Commercial: Practice Verbal Communication

√ Using a Visual Aid in Public Speaking: Best Practices for Speeches

√ Susan B. Anthony Speech Analysis

√ FDR Day of Infamy Speech Analysis

√ Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

√ Activities and Worksheets

√ Public Speaking Rhetoric

√ Public Speaking Podcasts

√ Informative Speech Assignments

This public speaking bundle contains all of the above products plus the curriculum outline, discussion starters, goal setting sheets, and more. This is everything and more that I used for an 18-week public speaking course.