Parts of a Sentence Worksheets | Subject, Verb, Direct Object Worksheets


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These parts of sentence worksheets cover the basics like subject, verb, predicate adjective, and more. Looking for a quick grammar review for parts of a sentence or practice with the function of words?

These parts of a sentence worksheets include 12 pages. You will receive a digital (Google Drive) version as well as a PDF.

These grammar worksheets for parts of a sentence include:

→ A pretest
→ Eliminating prepositional phrases and then finding subjects, verbs, and direct objects
→ Subjects, verbs, direct, indirect objects, and objective complements
→ Compound subjects and compound verbs
→ Mentor sentences (students can see the function of words in real examples!)
→ Action and linking verbs
→ Predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives
→ All concepts together

These parts of a sentence worksheets build in order of difficulty. For instance, students need to recognize action and linking verbs before they can decide if a word is a predicate noun/adjective or a direct object.

This set of parts of a sentence worksheets works great as a review or for direct instruction. These comprehensive and easy-to-use worksheets provide direct instruction in teaching subjects and predicates, direct objects, indirect objects, predicate nouns, predicate objects and more. Perfect for any grammar unit that covers these topics, these helpful worksheets are great for reinforcing the skills your students already have while also giving them an opportunity to learn new ones.

You will be asked to make a copy of the digital resource, and then you may share it with your digital system or email.

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