Mentor Sentences Activity | 8th, 9th and 10th Grade Vocabulary & Grammar Lessons


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Use mentor sentences to study vocabulary and grammar. These mentor sentences will help you teach grammar and vocabulary—AND meet language standards,

You will receive a presentation with mentor sentences from Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson and Night by Elie Wiesel. Perfect as language arts bell ringers, you can use these mentor sentences at any point in class!

Each slide has a quote with a bolded vocabulary word, a picture related to the concept, the word’s definition and part of speech, and instructions for analysis. Questions might relate to the sentence structure, the vocabulary word, context, or overall effect. The goal of these questions is to move students from basic recognition and knowledge to creating, analysis, and application.

Topics covered with these mentor sentences include:
√ Parallelism
√ Prefixes and suffixes
√ Sentence structure
√ Patterns of words
√ Denotations and connotations

Possible answers and additional talking points are included in the teacher version.

Goals of these mentor sentences include:
• These mentor sentences and questions are intended to dive deeply into grammar and language, and move students toward higher levels of thinking.
•. The pictures are not editable, but the list of mentor sentences is! You can alter the focus of sentences as needed.
• Mentor sentence examples are tough to find; these sentences are from short books that many students can access.

Please see the thumbnails and preview for pictures of the content, and ask any questions in the question section.

Teach grammar and language together and meet upper-level language standards with mentor sentences from famous literature. Discussion questions to help stimulate student’s discussion and critical thinking skills are included.

Not only will your students be exposed to some of the greatest literature ever written, but they will also be learning valuable lessons about language in the process—a perfect combination! Whether you’re new to teaching or an experienced educator looking for engaging ways to teach English language arts standards, these mentor sentences provide plenty of learning opportunities.