Eight Parts of Speech Mini Unit | Grammar Task Cards, Worksheets, Tests


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Study the eight parts of speech! This grammar unit includes a pre-test, a post-test, six worksheets, scaffolded work, and 60 sentences on task cards. These grammar activities review nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections.

ALL of this material is in two versions: print or digital. You will receive links to digital material as well as the PDF versions. The pre and post tests are in Google Quizzes, so they will grade themselves.

This grammar lesson provides practice for students to identify the eight parts of speech. The parts of speech tests are also in an editable Word Document.

Included in this parts of speech activity set:

☆ An editable lesson plan.

☆ 6 worksheets. They are scaffolded. Some sections have all of the eight parts of speech together while others will focus on an individual part.

☆ 2 pages of mentor sentences. The mentor sentences have two versions for differentiation.

☆ 3 pages of a historical summary. The summary is the same, but each page has different questions; the questions become increasingly specific. This works for differentiation.

☆ 60 sentences, one per task card. Four task cards per page. The sentences have a word highlighted, and student directions prompt them to label it.

☆ A student answer sheet for the task cards.

☆ 10 sentences for a pre-test in an editable Word Doc and Google Quiz.

☆ 15 sentences for a post-test in an editable Word Doc and Google Quiz.

☆ Answer keys for all grammar activities.

These grammar activities will provide a variety of ways to study the eight parts of speech. This small grammar unit includes over 100 practice sentences! These parts of speech activities are ready to be printed and ready to be shared digitally.

Do you want age appropriate grammar? This eight parts of speech mini-unit contains easy to read and see fonts and graphics. Middle school and high school students will not find the appearance demeaning.