Informational Text Activities for High School | School Suspensions & Segregation


Are you ready to engage students with informational texts? This nonfiction activity contains TWO articles and subsequent activities. Add these articles dealing with the education system to your high school classroom.

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These TWO informational texts and subsequent questions are perfect for secondary students. Engage high school language arts students with nonfiction that deals directly with their lives: these two pieces are about school suspensions and school segregation.
Overview of this informational text activity for high school:
√ TWO nonfiction articles.
√ EDITABLE activities: close reading options, writing prompts, extension activities, and questions for any informational text.
√ A complete lesson plan.
You will have student buy-in with the current topic of restorative justice in schools and segregation with US schools.
Goals of these informational text activities:
√ Responding to nonfiction is a lifelong skill. Students need to understand a writer’s purpose, the publisher and research’s bias, manipulative language, and more.
√ Almost every college professor asks students to judge and critique nonfiction writing as this is a lifelong skill. These nonfiction activities will allow students to practice responding in this manner.
√ Students become very involved with the discussion and reading of these timely topics!
Highlights of this informational text activity for high school:
→Detailed lesson plans for the articles and writing assignment. Includes the link to both articles (and extension activities). This informational text lesson plan is editable.
→Ten questions specific to the article and an alternative set of questions (for differentiation). All of these questions are editable.
→Instructional sheets for the students for crafting a mature nonfiction reading response. (See the thumbnails and preview for images.)
→A peer editing checklist and rubric.
Goals of this informational text activity:
√ To engage students. Both articles are controversial and deal with our students.
√ To provide an authentic writing opportunity. Since students can identify with the topics that deal with school, an argumentative response is the natural extension activity.
√ To teach text features. The questions (that you can use with any informational text) ask students to think deeply and analytically about how a writer constructs an argument.
The reading, discussion, and writing takes me a week of classes. I marked the standards I meet with this informational text activity.


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