Grammar Textbook Parts of Speech, Verbals, Sentence Structure: Digital and Print


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Looking for a modern grammar textbook? This grammar book is what your grammar lesson plans need. Made with a mature, no-frills layout, it is perfect for junior high and high school grammar lessons.

You will receive a PDF of the textbook as well as links to digital formats.

This grammar textbook walks students through their grammar lessons without confusing jargon. It teaches grammar with modern concepts and straight forward language.

Two grammar books are included: the student edition and the teacher edition.

This grammar textbook has several divisions. It specifically covers:

√ The Eight Parts of Speech

→ Nouns (Proper, Common, Concrete, Abstract, Collective)

→ Pronouns (Personal, Compound, Demonstrative, Relative, Interrogative, Indefinite)

→ Verbs (Action, Linking, Helping)

→ Adjectives (Predicate, Proper, Possessive, Demonstrative, Coordinate Adjectives (comma placement)

→ Adverbs

→ Prepositions

→ Conjunctions (Coordinating, Correlative, Subordinating)

→ Interjections

√ All About Verbs

→ Action – Linking – Helping

→ Active – Passive Voice

→ Mood (Conditional, Subjunctive, Imperative, Interrogative, Indicative)

→ Transitive – Intransitive

√ Verbals

→ Participles

→ Infinitives

→ Gerunds

√ Parts of a Sentence

→ Subjects and Verbs

→ Direct and Indirect Objects

→ Objective Complement

→ Predicate Nouns and Predicate Adjectives

√ Phrases and Clauses

→ Prepositional

→ Appositive

→ Gerund



√ Independent and Dependent Clauses

√ Sentence Structure

→ Simple

→ Compound

→ Complex

→ Compound-Complex

Lists, definitions, and examples are included for all grammatical concepts. Students then have practice sentences.

Plus! All concepts have a “Why am I learning this?” section. Students want to know why they are learning grammar, and these grammar lessons tell them.

Please ask if you have any questions about theis grammar textbook.