Gerund and Participle Activities, Worksheets, and Presentation


Gerund and participle activities can end confusion between confusing verbals. Dive deep into verbal phrases with these activities that address gerunds and participles.

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Gerund and participle activities can end confusing verbals!

Gerunds and participles can look similar, and my students confuse them. I made these verbals activities to clarify the differences in these verbals. This set includes over 40 practice sentences, an editable Powerpoint, and guided notes.

You will receive the standard PDF and Powerpoint as well as links to Google Slides for the presentation, worksheets, and student note sheets for these verbal activities to work on gerunds and participles.

Specifically, this verbals activity includes:

✩ A grammar Powerpoint with over 20 slides. They cover verbals’ definitions and functions in sentences. Additionally, the presentation has many examples. For instance, one slide covers gerunds functioning as subjects and a sample sentence accompanies the explanation.

✩ A student note taking packet. This packet follows the Powerpoint and has ample room for notes and additional examples.

✩ Four practice opportunities:

✓ 5 sentences for students to identify the gerunds, 5 sentences for students to identify the participles.

✓ 10 sentences for students to identify the gerund or the participle.

✓ 10 sentences with blanks for students to add a gerund or participle.

✓ 15 sentences for students to find the gerund or participle and identify it.

✩ Answer key included for all 40+ practice sentences.

I have used these components as an introduction to verbals, in the middle of a verbal study for clarification, and as a review before a grammar quiz. Students confuse gerunds and participles, and this verbals activity helps them.