Comma Practice Punctuation Activities | Paragraphs, Lesson Plan, & Powerpoint


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Do you need a variety of comma activities to support your secondary writers? Study commas and their uses with this editable presentation and punctuation activities—comma worksheets and more.

When teaching commas, I realized that I needed a variety of comma activities—more than one simple comma practice worksheet. Comma practice requires scaffolded tools to reach more students!

Topics covered in these comma activities:

Students will learn about using commas with:

✓ introductory phrases (participial, prepositional, infinitive)

✓ dependent clauses

✓ compound sentences

✓ nonessential clauses

✓ coordinate adjectives

✓ appositive phrases

✓ commas in a series

✓ natural pauses

Included in these comma activities:

✓ An editable Powerpoint presentation (20 slides) that gives examples and guidelines of commas.

✓ Scaffolded grammar practice. Students will practice comma use with 70 sentences in comma worksheets. These cover the ways commas are used: phrases, clauses, series, coordinate adjectives, and natural pauses. These comma activities come in editable and non-editable formats.

✓ 10 short paragraphs. The paragraphs need commas added. You can use these as exit tickets or station work. The paragraphs come in editable and non-editable formats.

✓ An answer key.

These comma activities include over 80 practice sentences!

Check the pictures to see examples of the activities for comma practice.

An answer key is included for all practice sentences that will teach comma rules. The guided note sheet follows the presentation, but an answer key is not included for the note sheets.

These comma activities will help:

✓ teaching commas and comma rules

✓ explaining where to put commas

✓ providing engaging comma activities