Active & Passive Voice Bundle | Sort, Presentation, Notes, Worksheets, Task Cards


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This active and passive voice bundle will help you meet language standards! Active and passive voice in verbs can confuse students, but using voice correctly matters in student writing. Connect grammar to writing and clarify the differences in active and passive voice! With an editable presentation and numerous practice opportunities, this active and passive voice unit will complete your grammar lessons.

I made these active and passive voice activities for middle school and ninth graders. I also use this active and passive voice lesson plan when I review for standardized testing.

These active and passive voice activities include:

✩ A pretest. Assess where students’ understanding of verb voice before you begin lessons. (Self-grading Google quiz included.)

✩ A grammar Powerpoint with 30 slides. They cover definitions, examples, and practice sentences for students. (Plenty of active and passive voice examples provided!) Students will also learn how to change passive voice to active voice. Finally, several slides cover when it is acceptable to use passive voice. This presentation is editable.

✩ An active and passive voice note taking sheet for students. They can complete the form as they watch the Powerpoint. (Digital version included; please see thumbnails.)

✩ Scaffolded active and passive voice worksheets. (Digital version included.)

☆ 60 sentences on task cards for students to identify active or passive voice. Student answer sheets provided. (Digital version included.)

☆ 60 sentences in a grammar sort. Students will sort sentences written in active and passive voice. Student answer sheet provided. (Digital version included.)

☆ Answer key included for all practice sentences.

All of these active and passive voice activities are digital and print. You will receive Google Drive links for grammar task cards, grammar worksheets, grammar sorts, and grammar pretest.


Students must understand active and passive voice! I created these active and passive voice activities and scaffolded worksheets so that I could reach every student while making grammar meaningful.

Download this complete active and passive voice bundle.