8 Parts of Speech Presentation & Infographics | Parts of Speech Activities


These parts of speech activities work well with mature students. Included are a presentation & infographics with a mature appearance. Use as a “home-base” for grammar instruction.

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Teaching the eight parts of speech can be a continual process with middle school and high school students, but the parts of speech activities should be age-appropriate. Even when I move onto other grammatical terms, I need to revisit the definitions and lists associated with the parts of speech.

This eight parts of speech presentation and digital infographics make the material meaningful for older students. Students can take notes on the digital note sheets while watching the presentation and keep them for reference.

This eight parts of speech presentation and infographics includes:

☆ An editable grammar presentation with 65 slides which details specifics about the eight parts of speech.

☆ Eight digital note taking sheets in an infographic format. Students can take notes, add images, or give examples individually or in groups with these digital infographics.

The parts of speech presentation specifically covers:

★ Nouns (concrete, abstract, proper, common, collective)

★ Pronouns (personal, compound personal, relative, demonstrative, interrogative, indefinite)

★ Adjectives (proper, demonstrative, predicate & types of questions they answer)

★ Verbs (action, linking, helping)

★ Adverbs (types of questions they answer)

★ Prepositions (list included)

★ Conjunctions (coordinating, correlative, subordinating)

★ Interjections

Examples are included of the specific types for each part of speech.

I purposely left the eight parts of speech presentation editable. That way, if you simply need the basics (not the different types of nouns, for example), you can delete those specific slides and still use the rest of the presentation. Personalize these parts of speech activities for your own students!

Ditch the standard grammar lesson! Bring infographics and fun visuals to your parts of speech lessons. These parts of speech activities are purposeful and engaging.