Parts of a Sentence Coloring Sheets: Subjects, Verbs, Objects, Predicates


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Parts of a sentence coloring sheets! Add coloring to lessons on subject, predicate, and more concepts.

These fun and educational coloring sheets are perfect for helping students learn parts of a sentence. Each sheet has 20 sentences! The ability to distinguish between subjects, predicates, objects, and more is an important development in children’s language learning progress, and these coloring sheets will prove to be an invaluable tool in teaching this critical skill. An ideal resource for teachers, homeschoolers, parents, and tutors alike, these coloring sheets will help ensure your students have a solid foundation in grammar fundamentals.

Included with these parts of a sentence coloring sheets:
→ TWO coloring sheets (flower, abstract design), with portions numbered.
→ 40 practice sentences with a word underlined in each one—20 per activity. Students will need to identify each one as the subject, verb, direct object, indirect object, predicate noun, or predicate adjective.
→ A coloring key. Each part of a sentence is assigned a color.
→ Answer keys and pictures of finished sheets.

NOTE: Due to students looking up answers online, the pictures shown here do NOT accurately reflect the answer key.

Add parts of a sentence coloring sheets to your lessons over subjects, verbs, and more. Students will practice identifying the parts of a sentence while coloring: subject, verb, direct object, indirect object, predicate noun, and predicate adjective.

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