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This middle school vocabulary activity includes ten adjectives and multiple activities along with quizzes, word wall activities, and a graphic organizer. If you are looking for ways to engage your students with vocabulary, these interactive vocabulary activities will work time and time again.

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Do you need engaging vocabulary words and activities for middle school students? This middle school vocabulary download includes ten adjectives and multiple activities.

With this vocabulary word download for middle school, you will receive a graphic organizer, display pieces for a word wall, and suggestions for use along with two quizzes, a vocabulary game, and crossword puzzle that covers the ten adjectives.

The tools in this vocabulary activity for middle school are versatile, and you can personalize this adjective lesson, using it time and time again.


This vocabulary activity specifically contains:

☆ A teacher page with suggestions for use. The goal of this adjective activity is for students to engage with vocabulary and use adjectives in context.

☆ A graphic organizer. Use with the adjectives provided or your own. I use the adjective graphic organizer as a brainstorming tool before students make their final pieces for the bulletin board.

☆ 12 templates to create a word wall.

☆ 10 adjectives, defined.

☆ A vocabulary game—dice required.

☆ TWO vocabulary quizzes.

☆ A quick crossword puzzle for the ten words.


Grammar Word Wall Process:

• Students will complete a graphic organizer using any set of adjectives. You may pull adjectives from student writing, literature, or vocabulary lessons OR use the ten adjectives included.

• Students then use their adjectives from the graphic organizer to build the pieces for the word wall.

• You can then use the grammar word wall’s interactive pieces for writing definitions, creating stories, writing sentences, studying vocabulary, or evaluating adjective use.

• Display the pieces on a bulletin board, mobile, or word wall.


Vocabulary Practice:
• Practice the ten vocabulary words with a dice game. An editable version of the game instructions are included so you can use different words too.

• TWO vocabulary quizzes (editable!) are included. One is matching the word to its definition. The other is fill in the blank for sentences.

• A crossword puzzle, answer key included.

Together, you’ll have a powerful vocabulary lesson over ten words. Students will interact with the words in multiple ways.

Encourage students to interact with their vocabulary lessons with this hands-on adjective activity. Display students’ vocabulary prowess with a bulletin board and word wall.


Benefits: This adjective activity helps students transfer basic knowledge concerning adjectives to writing or vocabulary. You can use the word wall pieces time and time again.


Please note: A PDF is included for the dice game WITH the provided ten adjectives. An editable version (Word Document) is included with the same directions and form for use with other vocabulary words.


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