Media Literacy Advertising of Food | Media Analysis Activity


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Students enjoy studying media literacy. This food analysis activity has lesson plans, worksheets, and other tools to teach marketing and advertising in food products.

This media literacy activity does NOT have students create their own advertisements. Rather, students analyze and evaluate real marketing campaigns helping them with their media literacy smarts.

You will receive this in a PDF as well as a Google Drive activity. The editable lesson plan contains a link to make a copy of the material.

I have taught this unit independently for when students show interest in marketing, or when our school makes changes in school lunches or vending machines. I have also taught it in conjunction with stories that highlight advertising research or marketing, such as:

“Contents of the Dead Man’s Pockets”

The Jungle

Animal Farm

“The Truman Show”

This media literacy activity includes:

→ Editable lesson plans with common core objectives; step-by-step directions; possible scripts and question prompts; answers for questions.

→ Differentiation ideas. Each grade (7th, 8th, 9th-10th, and 11th-12th) has instructions specialized for reaching the common core, but ideas for further differentiating in those classes. The standards are NOT on the student worksheets.

• Over TEN student worksheets which include:

– Terms

– Brainstorming sheet for common knowledge

– Analytical tool

– An overall picture of marketing

– Explanation of the unit’s purpose (common core and and individual objectives with research/ statistics about food marketing)

– Guided questions

– Marketing effectiveness summary sheet

This is the perfect addition to a media literacy unit. Students will start to recognize marketing in food packaging, videos, and web.